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Studying with Girija Maa is something profound. After ten years of doing yoga with some of the most reputed teachers in the world, I had still never had the opportunity to sit uninterrupted, day in and day out, face to face, with someone as loving or as powerful as Girijaa Maa. The world is not built to nurture and offer guidance to adults. I find the experience of studying with her to be something entirely different in comparison to the typical mass co modification of spiritual education. Studying with Girija Maa is a gift - an opportunity to be seen and taught as an individual, all the while held in the arms of compassion, love, and total devotion. In reality, such beautiful practices should only ever be taught by such a beautiful spirit. Elizabeth Solomon - USA

"Girija Maa accepted me as her daughter. She put limitless energy, love and knowledge into my well being. She nourished my soul and body. Amma let my en-caged spirit and feminine energy flow radiantly. And she has been doing all this for me since our first encounter. With Girija Maa and thanks to her abundant love and compassion, I myself rose in love and compassion. Girija Maa healed me and has been doing so daily, with the beautiful Yogic practices she has given. Svetlana - Slovakia

"I enjoyed the individual classes with Girija Maa. She gave me exactly what was needed for my spiritual pathand growth. Especially her "Inner Yoga" is working extremely well for me. Girija Maa's classes were just what I'vebeen looking for. She is an amazing Yogacharya because she can read you immediately and tell what is neededfor your well-being and spiritual development. Full of love and devotion, she guides and loves us all.I am very fortunate to have found a Guru like her. With all my heart and love I thank her for all shehas given me." Gabriele - Switzerland (Hredaya Giri)

It's difficult to find the words, how in just 3 weeks Girija Maa has succeeded, where 30 odd years of yoga classes had failed. She connected with my inner spirit and slowly asthma since childhood starts to disappear. Best of all the energy is once again flowing through my body and I feel more alive energized and happier than I can remember - since childhood in fact. I can recommend that that she also has the biggest caring heart and a total passion to heal. Girija Maa's power of healing insight & wisdom is beautiful. (Go and see her transform your life). Many thanks Girija Maa! Leslie A Warner - England

When I arrived in Trivandrum, I was not planning on staying for more than a couple of days. Then I met Girija Maa and plans changed. She is on of the most genuine people I have ever met and I'm forever grateful for her wonderful and amazing, Yoga and Reiki teachings. I pray I'll see Girija Maa soon! With Love Ragnhildur Eva - Iceland

Girija Maa Yoga classes helped me to find a way to keep my physical and mental health in balance. She taught me how to strength my mind and keep my body healthy. Thanks her valuable advice and Yoga practices, I'm implementing every day, I feel healthier and stronger. I'm very thankful to Girija Maa for all she did for me in such a short time and I hope to visit her again soon for more amazing classes. Love, Olga - Germany

Girija Maa has completely transformed my life over the past 7 years. Molecule by molecule her extraordinary Inner Yoga classes have changed my way of being. Her heart is child like and soul is full of the deepest Yogic knowledge. Visit "God's own Country" - Kerala and experience how the ancient Yogi's taught their students "one on one". If you're wishing to go deeper into your Yoga and Spiritual practices visit her Ashram. With much love Nitya-Giri - Canada