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Bhagyodayam Yoga or the “Rise of Fortune Yoga" is the knowledge of the self-the Natural Yoga, Atma Sadhana. The practice of this Yoga is the righteous duty of the self. This knowledge is a direct perception which is attained through the blessings of the Guru. This knowledge is perceived within. The correct dwelling place of a yogi in this universe is his/her own body. The wonderland of a yogi inside this body-land is his spine and brain. To a yogi the spine is known to be the pathway to the mystical inner yoga. This Inner Yoga says, it is not necessary to think or worry. While facing a crisis, it is important to remain calm and peaceful. If we are overly connected with the external world we will not be able to still the mind. How does one control one’s emotions or detach oneself from the external world? One must develop a sense of trust in the universe, process of life or God. That Ultimate takes care of us and brings us all that we need. There is a very good reason why this happens. We are always a part of that supreme reality or that supreme reality is not separate from us. Therefore the supreme reality takes care of us. Detachment and trust are two important things to transform one’s life. If one realizes what is eternal, changeless and stable by means of inner yoga ,one is never born again, "Inner Yoga” or “Bhagyodayam Yoga” is predominantly concerned with non difference. It is the potential for everything. Inner Yoga is a word used to refer to the unnamable - stillness in motion. Inner yoga is empty like a bowl. Stillness implies the potential for usefulness. We can find that the wisdom of stillness implies the potential for usefulness. We can attain the wisdom of stillness, when we are silent, quiet and flexible. It’s aim is to achieve an integral growth and an integral consciousness. It insists on the value of the Inner Yoga as a means for the attainment of freedom and immortality. Bhagyodayam Yoga or Inner Yoga as a joy of contemplation gives the person the joy of self discovery. This yoga emphasizes practice. It belongs to the deeper substratum of all religions. It is the language of a different world. In what words can they be given? What phrases can be used for them? That is about the wonderful silence and stillness. It is nothing else but the depth of our own life which is silent like the depths of the great sea, so silent and still. It is the surface of the sea that makes waves and roaring breakers; the depth is still. So the depth of our own being is still and silent. Stillness is an attainment ,a happiness, a joyfulness. The use of stillness is a greater power. A perfect yogi realizes the power of the word and the splendor of stillness. There are different ways to learn and practice this “Art of Stillness”. Ancient yogi’s attained this great power from their Guru and from silence. This is not only desirable but often a necessity; for there is much that causes words and language to fail in transmitting the essence; through the practice of Inner Yoga, one receives inner corrections and self discipline. The practice of this Inner Yoga is a powerful technique for stilling the mind. When we are still and silent are reach the truth-the truth within us. We reach the centre. Then all thought disappears and Truth appears. Then we become calm serene and peaceful. Serenity makes our mind more tranquil. The constant and persistent practice of this sublimed and dignified physical and spiritual discipline (Inner Yoga) will radiate a brilliant glow within, generating good health, happiness, uninterrupted mind, intellectual vigor, intuitive knowledge and bliss. We can constantly practice this inner yoga to improve one’s personality, to regulate one’s habit and life patterns, to get rid of some unwanted indulgence and addictions and to improve the quality of life and finally it can be used for the attainment of liberation and immortality. If one reaches an able Guru, even an ordinary person may build a robust and stable life. If they follow the instructions of a Guru they are relieved of the cycle of birth and death. Beauty arises in the stillness of your presence, stillness or presence is needed to become aware of the beauty, the majesty, the sacredness of nature. To become aware of such things the mind needs to be still. Your total presence is required. Whenever or wherever there is stillness, there is beauty, the inner nameless essence shines. Go deeply into it. Wherever you are be there totally. The other benefit of practicing Inner Yoga is a significant slowing down of the aging process. The accumulation of time of past and future greatly impairs the cells capacity for self renewal. It has been said “stillness is the language God speaks, and everything else is a bad translation”, “Stillness is an other word for space”. The practice of Inner Yoga navigates our mind to the direction of the supreme reality and we shall attained the Divine (Godly quality) “Bliss & Peace”. Like that, any disease will destroy the state of freedom. The practice of Inner Yoga in the right way one will receive freedom from many diseases and attain emancipation. In the state of stillness, the soul seeks its refreshment stillness, the great unseen power, the miracle of life. In the world of all religions the practice of stillness plays a most vital part. That is the reason why the idea of complete silence before spiritual study is strongly advocated by all of the mystic teachers and illumined yogis. Inner Yoga is sublime and mysterious, a great way to transcend the ordinary and enter in to extraordinary yogi hood. Inner Yoga is the most noble, beyond subjective feeling and ignorant judgment. Inner Yoga or Bhagyodayam Yoga is a treasure. If you understand it, it can extend your life span, because it is centered and straight ! Inner Yoga is a priceless pearl containing creation !!