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The history of Indian Culture is the revelation of the mystery of human consciousness. The key to the mystery of consciousness is provided by Yoga. Yoga is the experience of cosmic consciousness, which cannot be explained, in words, for words are only containers or shells. Yoga deepens and expands one's consciousness. The ancient cosmic consciousness is intimately linked with breath mastery. The Yoga Siddhas named the scientific art of 'breath mastery' as Kundalini Yoga, a great esoteric art and science, which serves to prolong life and expands human consciousness to infinity. Kundalini is the divine female (Shakti) energy that is hidden inside men and women. It's an electric, fiery occult power, a mystic fire, the great pristine force that lies dormant in the body at the base of the spine. Kundalini exists in the human body in the form of serpent energy. There is no movement of it inside the body and it is inert, until Kundalini awakens and becomes dynamic in action. Then it moves in a circular form through out the 'adharas' or 'chakras' and generates tremendous energy and power within one's physical form. In order to awaken Kundalini, cleanliness and purity of the 'Nadis' is essential. According to Siddhas there are innumerable energy pathways called nadis and psycho - energetic centers known as Chakras located along the axis of human body. The word Chakra means 'Wheel' but in the context of Yoga, Chakra means vortex or whirlpool. The word 'nadi' literally means 'flow'; they are varieties of psychic or pranic energy moving circularly in different levels of vibration. To the Siddha tradition there are 72,000 nadis extending out from the spiral cord. The principal 'nadis' are 'Idakalia' nadi which lies the left side of the spiral cord and 'Pingalai' nadi lying near the right side surface. The third major nadi 'Shushumha' flows inside the central canal. The canal of the spinal cord, 'Kundalini' being an all knowing energy force, is aware of what to do, where to go and which organ is in acute need of purification or healing. When Kundalini is awakened it spirals upwards from the base of the spinal column to the roof of the brain called 'Sahasrara'. These six major Chakras, three major nadis and three 'Granthis' - consciousness centers are all located vertically to one another. So subtle is the form of Nadis, Chakras and Granthis, that they are not known to science, but a Yoga practitioner can recharged and activate this primordial, celestial, dormant, female divine 'Shakti' which is the very cosmic energy force responsible for the manifestation of this world. One's uncontrolled mind may throw many hurdles on the spiritual path, yet when controlled by the beautiful Yogic Practices (of Kundalini) one can experience clairvoyance, vision, intuitive knowing, inner and outer radiance, peace & perfect health.

Om Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!