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Deep with in the Akasha (Space or Sky) of consciousness we search for bliss or Ananda (happiness). Meditation helps us to travel through this "Empty Sky". Meditation can bring about clarity of thoughts, calmness, along with greater vitality, sensitivity, flexibility and resilience. The practice of meditation brings about healthier and happier living. Truth is simple. Untruth is complicated. Most types of the meditation are beautifully simple. They do not require an abundance of intelligence to understand or to practice them. But do not let their simplicity fool you. They open a door to eternity. Meditation is truth - simple, yet capable of unlocking the mysteries of life. Liberation is nothing but the awareness of our true nature. This is also now we bring peace and joy into our lives by controlling our mind. The more control we have over our minds, the more peace and happiness are experienced. Nothing external can bring us lasting happiness. This is because everything external is subject to change. Lasting happiness is only to be found within. This wisdom can be incredibly uplifting. To practice meditation Yogis have advocated quieting the mind. There are few yoga postures which help you to receive inner calmness and clear perception, such as Sukhasana or Siddhasana. There meditation seems to be happening without effort. Remember try to be more natural: you can relax without forcing it. There is an unconscious inter relation between mind and body. A calm mind can manifest itself in many areas of life. You just need to discover your natural balance between quiet and activity. You may try this simple meditation technique. Sit quietly and breathe comfortably for two minutes. Do not think about anything in particular! Wait quietly in undisturbed solitude and stillness. When you are still alert, close your eyes. Focus your attention on the gap between the two breaths. Do not try and influence your breath in any way. Just observe it. You must try and maintain continuous awareness - of the breath and more particularly, the gap between the two breaths. As you do this practice you will find the breath becoming more subtle and refined. The gap between two breaths also increases. As the breath slows down, the entire breathing cycle will lengthen. When this happens the mind will calm down. As you continue this practice, you will feel a sense of peace and joy! Meditation is Immaculate Silence ! It is altogether Listening ! !