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All beautiful things in this universe is intimately connected with Prana. Prana is the source of all energy. The joy of Being, which is the only true happiness cannot come to you through any form, possession, achievement or event-through anything that happens. Wherever there is any activity ,Prana exists. Prana alone is the Maha Prana (the great prana) of the Prana in the beings. That which acquires the consciousness of the being. To stabilize the mind, the Pranas have to be stabilized first. When you become very close with Prana the mind calms down, your breath becomes more light and subtle and immediately you feel more relaxed. Then the span of each breath increases and it has direct effect on the life of a living being.

All types of energy quanta and matter particles evolve from Prana. All the four fundamental forces namely gravitational, nuclear, weak and electromagnetic separate from Prana, The Sanskrit word Prana means vitalizing or breathing strength in to an entity. Prana is the primordial energizing subtle fluid that pervades space and energize everything. Being a subtle fluid it flows in tubular structures such as nadis. Prana generally enters into the bodies through breathing system (respiratory system) or lungs. The chakras are the psychic batteries inside the body. The circulating Prana is stored in these psychic batteries. The Sub Pranas are Apana, Vyana , Samana, Udana. The one which has an upward thrust is called the Prana Vayu. The one with the downward movement is called the Apana Vayu. And when the two movements achieve stability, it is called Samana Vayu. The basic purpose of Pranayam is to stay in the Samana Vayu (breath). The lower psychic centers convert the main Prana in to the sub pranas. A yogi can collect and store Prana in the Nadis directly from the cosmic source. Nadis are not nerves or blood vessels. They are tubular structures of the subtle body. They are invisible to the microscope. The total number of Nadis in the human body is 72000, according to Siva Samhitha it is 3,50,000. Sushumna, Ida, and Pingala are the three principal Nadis in the subtle body. Sushumna is the main one which flows vertically in the middle of the spine. Ida, the Chandra nadi and Pingala the Surya Nadi run outside the spine. Prana flowing in the Ida has cooling effect and the Prana flowing in the Pingala has a heating effect.

Being aware of your Prana takes attention away from thinking and create space. This is one way of generating consciousness, because the fullness of consciousness is already there as the un-manifested. Listen to the sensation of Prana, feel it moving in and out of your body. Notice how the chest and abdomen expand and contract slightly with the in and out breath. Breathing is not really something that you do but something that you witness as it happens, It happens by itself. The intelligence within the body is dong it. All you have to do is watch it happening. One conscious breath taken many times a day in an excellent way of bringing space into your life. Space means "emptiness”, “stillness”, "thoughtlessness", the presence of God, the language of God ,the correct dwelling place of the divine spirit or god within.

Being aware of your Prana brings you into the present, that is the key to all inner transformation. This awareness of Prana stops your mind and its nonsense activities. When you are present and your attention is fully focused, that presence will flow into and transform what you do. There will be quality and power in it. The surrendered state of consciousness opens up the vertical dimension in your life, the dimension of depth.

We have a subtle body as well as a gross body. The subtle body cannot be seen by the naked eye, though it is vitally very important. Our subtle body also has several nadis or channels. Prana is the life force. This life force increases with the practice of Pranayam.

By removing the insignificant existence of the mind, the Prana merge with the great Prana. Pranayam ensures the free flow of prana through Sushumna the Ida and Pingla. Now a days steroid therapy is done for many diseases. It is only suppressive not curative. Higher doses create a number of problems. Some Asanas along with correct breathing habit, if regularly practiced can fully cure many diseases. A correct breathing habit avoids anoxia to the brain. A person who practices Pranayam regularly can prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s .Cerebral atrophy is accompanied by loss of memory and deterioration of mental functioning. A life with no tension and anxiety, correct breathing habit with spiritual ecstasy, ever surrendered to God or Guru, drastically retards the aging process of the brain. When the essence and life are both cultivated, that completes the great restoration.