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Yoga is a priceless gift of the Indian Rishi's and Yogin's of yore, which is based on exact principles. There is no vague doctrine it. Yoga has a scientific and spiritual effect in human life rather than a dogmatic basis and genesis. Yoga is a supreme method of self-improvement, self-enquiry and self-mastery training. It is a dynamic system of psychophysical method of training. Yoga is a way of life. It is a union between microcosm and macrocosm. Yoga is progressiv,, once you begin practicing you can only get better. Each day you will become more aware of the marvelous power of the 'Life-Force' - the breath and how it is reconditioning and building a new body for you.
It is true that the body is 'moving chariot' of the spirit. Your posture - the way you hold yourself is very essential to your personality! Posture includes your attitude - mental as well as physical -, which is expressed through your body. You abide in your in being (Essence - unchanging, timeless, deathless). You are no longer dependent for happiness on the outer world of constantly fluctuating forms. There will be no need to attach to yourself to any of it. Yoga is the psychophysical science, which treats the cause not like Western medicines, which treat the symptoms.

Yoga is the traditional science of Maharshi Patanjali. (He is more a scientist than a philosopher) Yoga is a curative as well as preventive. From time immemorial millions of Rishi's and Yogin's have experienced it. With the help of Yoga life suddenly becomes beautiful because it is altogether scientific. With the regular practice of Yoga the inner richness comes out. According to Yoga health is not only the absence of disease but also it is a remarkable experience of bliss or Godliness in our body. It is a divine nectar through our existence.
The systematic and regular practice of yoga bestows proper functioning of nervous system, breathing system, endocrine system, brain, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, spleen, small intestine, large intestine and kidneys. The most unique feature of the ancient Indian Rishi's way of life is that Yoga can help immensely to reduce stress, strain, tension and it promotes relaxation. The ultimate goal of Yoga is self-control, control over senses, body and mind and it is one of the most wonderful methods of spiritual discipline to save (one) him or her from personal deterioration and circumstantial frustrations. "Chitta Vrithi Nirodhana Yogaha" No one succeeds without patience perseverance. Yogasans are preventive, curative and promotive. They strengthen the immune system, empower and cleanse the nervous system, regenerate the cellular system, recharge, restore and harmonize the glandular systems.
"As an unbaked earthen pot is soon dissolved when placed in water. So the body is may be strengthened and purified by the fire of Yoga (hygiology) in order to harden it" - (Gherenda Samhita).