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Siddha Yoga – Maha Yoga
Siddha Yoga - the path towards liberation and perfection. It is a mystical yoga technique which brings about final perfection in the realization of Truth (God). The more one practices, the more one recognizes that our body is so peculiarly constructed as to contain chakras (psycho-energy centres). These can be stimulated by this unique blend of yoga and can awaken one’s higher spiritual facilities within. It is very particular that Siddha Yoga should be learn from a genuine Siddha Guru. The Siddha Guru is a Divine Master or Spiritual Teacher who is always in an uninterrupted connectedness with higher consciousness or God. By constant contact of a Siddha Guru’s divine grace we become closer to a genuine spiritual life. Siddhas are actually the worshipers of their Guru. To the Siddhas, Guru is the direct representative of God or a Guru has a magnanimous understanding and is compassionate towards all beings. The Guru, according to Siddha tradition, is an authoritarian of spiritual experience. A Guru alone is capable to unblock the stumbling blocks of ego and its self-made delusions. The ego enslaves the will and binds consciousness to the limited form. The vacillating state of consciousness renders man blind to the perception of ‘Truth’. The consciousness of Guru is eternal ever wakeful, ever attuned, and an uninterrupted. Guru is the preceptor, the awakener and the bestowed of liberation. Abjuring one’s ego, one realizes the greatness of the Guru. With the grace and guidance of Guru, the aspirant or student, while practicing Yoga, reaches where the nectar is being secreted. When one drinks it, one’s whole being will be activated with good fortune – youth, beauty, patience and good health. Girija Maa’s life’s work is to enlighten or awaken each person from their own inner and outer potential. The aim of Maa’s yogic teachings are an integral (samagra) transformation of the whole being. Maa’s guidance implies not only the realization of God but an entire life change. The more faith and surrender to the Divine and Guru, the more rapid the result. Purification is an essential factor to quiet the mind and receive spiritual experience. In the practice of Siddha Yoga an essential ingredient is that the student receives “Diksha” from the Guru. During initiation there is a mutual exchange of unconditional eternal love and loyalty - a bond is formed with the students pledge to accept and follow the Guru faithfully and the Guru promises lead the student to liberation. After receiving “Diksha” the spiritual power of this relationship begins to work in the devotee’s life. The Yoga Siddhas are great yogins. Through the constant and persistant practice of sublimed and dignified physical and spiritual discipline they attained Siddhis. Their contribution to the welfare of humanity is unique indeed! Each intimate practice of Siddha yoga radiates a brilliant glow within generating good health, happiness, uninterrupted mind, intellectual vigour, intuitive knowledge and bliss. This mystical experience should be received from an enlightened Guru. Tamil Siddhas really experienced the ultimate reality. For this purpose they practiced a unique type of Yoga called “Sakthipath” or “Kundalini Yoga”. The Siddha eventually regarded the physical body as “the abode of the Almighty”. We can constantly practice this Yoga for the attainment of liberation and immortality. The Siddha Yogins believed in immortality. The famous Siddhas like Agastiyar, Bhogar, Thirumalai, Avvaiyar and Babaji could have lived for hundreds of years. Siddha’s considered the true yoga (their yogic practice) as an internal spiritual alchemy. Just as alchemists work with base metals and turn them into gold, the Siddha’s transmuted their psycho-physical body into a free autonomous spirit. In the above sense every Siddha is a spiritual alchemist. Siddha Yoga (“Kundalini Yoga”) can be interpreted as the “Mother of all Yogas”.