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Reiki - A Anique Spiritual Discipline
Reiki, a natural healing system was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Theological Scholar, in the mid 1880's. It is a reality and Philosophy! The main aim of Reiki is to align the limited with the unlimited, small to the great and tiny to the mighty. A brilliant pattern of reunion of reconnection with the divine through an ancient tuning technology! The mighty man is unaware of the mystery of the body. It is not just the skin, blood flesh and bones. It is a great organic unity, a great dynamism! The metaphysical significance of the river of life current in the spine is remarkable. Outward rituals cannot destroy ignorance. Realized knowledge alone destroys ignorance. "Look in the sky to find the moon, not in the pond" (A Persian Proverb) the regular practice cultivate magnanimity, serenity and divinity. Reiki is unparalleled because it is a spiritually guided life transforming Science. It is a powerful tool for personal growth (Purity and Power) and improving the quality of life. Above all, Reiki heals all inherited tendencies sufficiently genetic and Karmic both. Reiki is a stately companion! The key effect of Reiki is that it cleanses, purifies, heals and harmonizes at all levels. All hidden and positive qualities open up and flow. Reiki cultivates reflection! Dr. Usui, the great grand master immaculately maintained the dignity and authenticity of this prestigious golden knowledge Reiki. It is the infinity the ocean of power and purity that lies behind all phenomenal manifestation. What makes Reiki different is the attunement. We get a fine-tuning of the physical etherical bodies to a higher vibratory frequency without effort.

The benefits of Reiki

  • Reiki unlocks the vast reservoir of energy in the body.
  • Calms and tones up the system.
  • Cleans the mind refine and clarify consciousness.
  • Harmonizes glands.
  • Recharges the chakras.
  • Cultivate serenity
  • Increases creativity and conscious awareness.
  • Balances and amplifies the life force energy.
  • Heals/cures diseases.
  • Works with animals and plants.
Reiki is one of the best preventative medicines on earth. It is recommend that you use if with attitude of maintaining health. Dr. Usui himself stated: "Reiki heals indirectly by calming mind and raising the life force energy." Practice Reiki and achieve perfection!